Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How Noah Kash got his name.

Before I knew I was pregnant I was at the laundry matt and saw this adorable little boy. His Mom kept calling him Cash and I was so tempted to ask if that was a nickname or his actual name because it was so different. This was before the whole Kandi and Kim real housewives of Atlanta shenanigans so I had never heard of the name before. That night I went to sleep and dreamed that me and Noah's Dad had a son named Kash. The dream felt so real. There was so much insanity going on in my life around that time so that weekend I went to church. I came into church feeling so low like I literally said that I was in mourning and I was going to wear black for a month straight. I left church feeling so much better and like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I knew God was going to give me something only I had no idea what it was. A couple of days later I found out I was pregnant. My dream started to play out for me and I knew before any test that I was having a son. Everyone was calling Noah him, even his father. I knew I was having my Kash. But heres the thing, I could not stereotype my son. I didn't want to hinder him from any opportunities so I went back and fourth with the name Kash. I knew if his first name wasn't going to be Kash then I wanted him to have something biblical. I liked the name Noah and once he came out I knew the name fit him.
At the hospital they had a preacher pray with us and when I told him his name he said "Noah, you know the man who had your name saved generations. You have a powerful name." That was all the confirmation I needed that I picked the right name for my son. So people always get confused when I call him Kash because they don't believe that its a real part of his name but it is. Kash is my dream come true.

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