Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dreaming up a new home

Help! I'm surrounded by boys! I'm kidding, I don't need help I am however surrounded by boys. While I love that my son gets to spend his first year with his Papa and Uncle Marcus we are seriously outgrowing this place. Its time for us to let these bachelors get back to living the manly life. While I am so grateful for the opportunity to take a year off from work to love on Noah and watch him grow and strictly focus on being a mama my plan has always been to take only the year off. I truly believe God worked it out with me to take on this task this year of strictly being a mother. This time has been so difficult for me because I aspire for something bigger and I hate being at a stand still but God has always provided. He has been more then enough for me and my son. But now is the time to pray big. The time has come for me to ask bolder. So with big prayers, great faith, and hard work I am believing God for a home of my own for me and Noah. I have started dreaming up how our future home could be decorated and pinterest delivers!
How cute and simple is this bedroom?

I love this for Noah's nursery. Especially the bookshelf.

Seriously the kitchen in our house so small its so hard to get around. I always want to rearrange it but I live with men and when I change something it doesn't take long for things to go back to normal. I would love to have something like this cute little retro kitchen.

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