Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving for my 9 month old Noah!

What a great Thanksgiving  I am having with my King! At this very moment you are typing on MY keyboard and trying to pull the mouse down while trying to turn the computer off at the very same time. Your soooo dag on busy I sometimes cant think!!! But what a gift you are Noah so happy and full of joy. Your 24lbs now and holding steady at 28 inches. You pretty much eat anything espescially if your with your Aunty Jackie. But thats what Aunties are for. You have your two humongo front teeth wich you definitely get from your Dads side of the family but its so cute. Your also getting your two bottom side teeth which makes you very grouchy and clingy sometimes. Your favorite food is beans you love your bestie Saii and how could I forget.... 2 weeks ago you took your first steps!!! You continue to take about 10 steps before you get scared and fall. You know mommy nearly cried when you did it. We continue to be blessed with so many great people who help us everyday, like your Aunty Jackie and Pastor Rebecca Best. Life is so good with you. I love you, I love you , I love you.

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