Friday, September 27, 2013

7 months with Noah Kash

 Dear Noah,
After I had you everyone would tell me to put you down and not to carry you so much because you would be spoiled. I'm so glad I never listened to them because what they didn't tell me is that at 7 months you'd be wiggling to get out of my arms! We had to childproof the house last month because of your super fast army crawl! And now you are learning to climb and stand on things. Boy you are moving fast. September was strangely quiet for us. We went out with your Auntie a couple of times but mainly we have been on our own. We go for walks all the time in your stroller to give Mommy a break from chasing you all around the house. Your holding steady at 20 lbs but you have grown to 28 inches. We are still trying to get feeding together. You can't stand baby food but you love eating from my plate. The only gerber foods you will tolerate are sweet potatoes and squash which is good because I was told those are the foods you're suppose to be eating now. Anywho I love you my fatty. I love you I love you I love you.

You and your bestie Saii

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