Monday, May 27, 2013

Noahs 3 Months!

Dear Fatty,
You are officially 3 months today. It honestly feels like you have been here forever. Although your in a fussy stage right now you are such a joy to my life. Your already 15.5 pds which freaked me out! But your also 25.5 inches which is not so bad. I googled your weight like the dork that I am and found out your actually a normal size for 3 month olds that were born at 8.3 pds. You are starting to reach for things and grab a hold of it. You cant imagine how excited I get when I play with you and you actually latch on to things I literally jump up and down. You have learned to roll over onto your tummy, the scary part is that you cant roll back over. When we do tummy time you lift your whole head up in anger so you can look at me and cry lol. You also can scoot backwards on your tummy. I often wonder if this is normal for a 2-3 month old. I think your some sort of super baby. Your favorite song is the itsy bitsy spider. You love when I sing it to you with hand gestures you smile like crazy and try to sing along with me. You love to talk baby gibberish with anyone who will smile at you. You also recognize Mommy when I come into a room you follow me with your head and when I sing song "Hiii Noah" you give the biggest smile. You love when I count repeatedly to five and sing the ABC's to you and your starting to laugh loudly and long outloud. The first time I heard you laugh repeatedly I couldnt help but to laugh with you. Your laugh is loud and infectious and it even bought tears to your Aunties eyes when you laughed at her yesterday. Noah we are so in love with you. I cant say it enough. I love you, I love you, I love you.
Love Mommy

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