Wednesday, June 26, 2013

4 months with Noah

Noah! Your four months already! Where has the time gone? We have met with your Dad once again, we've been to dinners and met Mommys mister and crossed many milestones. What are you up to you ask? Well you are in tune with your hands and feet. You love to eat them, you love to kick your little feet up into the air and then leave them there so you can stare at them. You still love the itsy bitsy spider especially the 3 minute version we have found on youtube. Your eyes are big and light up the room. Although your very spoiled I think smiling is your favorite! You smile and giggle you raise your eyebrows at me and always want to play. Your spitting everywhere as you enter into the teething stage. Noah you make me laugh so much. It feels like you've
been here before. Like when Im feeling down you climb me look at me with the most serious eyes, then raise your eyebrows and start to smile at me before you attack my face with slobber lol. I love you and I mean it. Your just the most handsome lovefilled man I have ever met.
When people ask me how does it feel to be a Mom I want to give them this long drawn answer. Like "Sometimes I look at my son and I cant believe he's mine. I feel like I cant imagine what I did to deserve such joy and such love. I just feel like its so unreal sometimes. Im a Mom and I love it. I love the tiredness, I love the worry and the stress. I love it all because I love him"
Noah your the best. I love you, I love you, I love you.

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