Saturday, April 27, 2013

Noahs 2 months!

Dear Nosey Noah,
We call you that because you follow peoples voices and sounds. Your 2 months! Oh boy does time fly when your having fun and sleep deprived. So many things have happened I dont even know where to start... We found out that you are 13lbs 6oz and 24 inches. Pretty freaking tall and big for a 2 month old. You sure can eat. Lately it feels like all I do is walk around with you and a bottle in my hand. Everyone tells me to put you down and let you cry it out but I refuse to believe you can spoil a 2 month old. You are so alert, you like to play with Mommy, Aunty Saii and Uncle Marcus. You are finally starting to sleep for longer periods through the night(4 hours and then  your up!) giving Mommy a little relief. You still dont sleep during the day but since I have 6 more weeks until I have to go back to work I use that time to bond with you. You recognize my voice and scent and cry if I come into the room and dont pick you up.
You met my Pastor she got to love all over you and pray over you. She told me there was a calling on your life and that you will have dreams and visions. I will always keep you close to God because you are the greatest gift He has ever gave me. After church we went to visit with your Aunty Jackie who is crazy about you and you fell asleep in her arms.

You met your Dad which is a miracle in itself, caught a cold right along with Mommy (which was scary)and you continue to be the joy of my life. I will continue to pray for blessings and miracles and ways to bring honor to God through you. I will continue to pray to God for your Dads heart and I plan to watch God work all through you. Do you know the biblical Noah saved generations? I believe that for you too. Your way too lovable to not change peoples lives. I love you my most handsome.

I never felt this way before
What a feeling that you give to me I can't ignore
Your my joy
You truly do enlighten me
Your all I ever want and need you got the best of me
So baby come with me, come with me
You got me wide open
And I'm diggin you so baby keep it coming, yeah
Truly indeed sent from your majesty
Tell me can you feel me, feel me?

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