Sunday, December 16, 2012

10 more weeks!

Dear Mommys love, You are getting pretty big up in here. We are officially at 30 weeks which means we can start the countdown! 10 more weeks until I get to see your most handsome face. You gave me quite a scare last week after I walked home from work. I hauled butt to the doctor only to find out that I am perfectly fine. I did however get to see you move your little balled up fists :) Oh, and the doctor is always so amazed at how long you are. That is one gene Im happy your getting from your tall Dad. Your pretty lethargic just like your Mommy and Daddy. lol. I just like to think we have a special bond. You will kick like crazy when its just me and you but when we get around anyone or I let anyone touch my belly you are perfectly still. Its cause your all mine my little man :). I am so thankful to have the next day off. I have discovered that the less active I am the more active you are. I know that when Im moving your moving too Im just too consumed to feel it but I am one of the rare Moms who doesnt care if your kicks keep me from sleeping or hurt my butt lol. Just to know that your in there is enough for me to be happy. I love you my King. Love Mommy :)

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