Friday, March 11, 2016

The Betty Years

I finally finished The Four Agreements and at the end of the book there's a beautiful prayer. And there's a story about a man whose light shines all out of his head. And when asked how that light shines he told of how he gave love to everyone.
I left for work after reading that all warm and fuzzy inside. I set out to give love to everyone. I started off good and then it went down hill. God why is it so hard to love people unconditionally. It seemed everyone wanted to be defiant or have an attitude while I looked at people with a smile saying "here, let me love you". I know this is something God is working on me about loving unconditionally. That no matter where I'm at letting my light shine regardless of how the other person is treating me.
And so on to the title of my post, I just turned 31 recently and my Mom had me while she was in her 30s. My mother was the most selfless caring woman I have ever known. I can't ask her how she did it because she is no longer with us but I know I would love to live my life like her. If I could just love whole heartedly not keeping score. If I could just take care of my child with so much love and care. If I could never turn my back on family or a friend in need, I could be like Betty Sue. And so I'm naming my 30's the Betty Years. I'm going to keep on trying never giving up until I can spread my light everywhere I go.