Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dont take it personal, take the bitter with the sweet.

Leave it to my 3 year old to teach me a lesson in not taking anything personally. I have been reading the four agreements and while its taking me dang near a month to complete it the one agreement that has stuck out to me is don't take anything personal. So that's what I challenged myself to do today. I went to work and wrote "Dont Take Anything Personally" with a little heart next to it and then I made it through my work day.
My friend asked me to go out so I waited until after 730 when she got off and tried to find a cool place me and Noah could go. We have never been bowling before so I thought we could go there....Wrong!!! Bowling is the worst place to take a 3 year old. He wanted to steal everyone's balls and run out into the bowling lane and let's not forget how he tried to kick the ball when I turned my head for four seconds and busted his lip on the ball. I just wanted to leave, never mind the fact that my friend didn't help at all. So I got him together and still the melt downs continued. I was mortified. As I sat in the car after getting my child to be quiet with a bag of mnms a ton of things went through my mind. In Celebrate Recovery we joke that I am suffering from motherism.  I also thought about how I really need to get my self together and focus on me and Noah. It's ok to not have friends during this time God will see us through.  And lastly my child is not the first 3 year old to have a melt down and he won't be the last. I just need to breathe and know I'm doing the best that I can and that's all that matters.

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