Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Welcome home Noah!

On February 26 2013 I woke up STILL pregnant and with a burst of energy. I mapped my whole day out, I was going to do my own mini photoshoot, clean a little,get my finances worked out and head to Target to finish getting ready for baby.

My sister Jackie came home from work and was feeling down so we talked for a while and I played the almighty J Dilla for her ;-) because Dilla always makes me feel better and it worked. We discussed heading to the beach on Saturday because it was going to be over 84 degrees in Los Angeles and me being able to have time to get my hair together before I give birth. I got up from my seat to take my phone off my charger so we could head to Target when my water broke. "Jackie my water broke" I told my sister calmly while laughing. She didn't believe me until I waddled to the bathroom with water still gushing out. She was so excited she may have even took a picture. 
My Dad was home so they took celebratory shots of tequila while I took my shower. I double checked my hospital bag and headed to labor and delivery at Little Company of Mary. My Dad came as well anxious and excited. When we got to L&D they put me in triage to see if I was really in labor. (See, the day before my OB ruptured my membranes for the second time and sent me to be induced because my blood pressure was too high. When I went that night they sent me home because I was only 4 cm and N.K was really high. I didn't call  my  doctor back the next day due to fear of being in labor so long I would have to get a c-section which I wanted to avoid.) The nurse didn't have to test my fluids  because everything was coming out rapidly. They wheeled me up to my room and started me on pitocin. I was only 4 CM still and N.K had no plans on coming down. That started at about 7. We sat and made jokes with my nurse about me not feeling my contractions even though they were measuring really high on the monitor.. My cousins came in at about 10 and were shocked about how calm I was through all the contractions. They left around 1 a.m and thats when my nurse upped my pitocin to an 8, The pain was unbearable but I was determined to forgo the epidural. I asked for Stadol instead. They placed it in my I.V and 5 minutes later I was high as a kite. For an hour I could take my contractions but the stadol made me really sick and the pain was killing me. My sister and Dad were falling asleep on me and I just wanted to sleep myself. I cried and beat the hospital bed while I waited for my epidural. Jackie came to my side and held my hand through some of the worst contractions. Finally the anesthesiologist came and placed my epidural  . I kept telling my nurse it didn't take but she didn't believe me. "I can feel my catheter I told her through tears. Can I please just get up to go pee. She told me she couldn't and I cried. My sister and Dad were exhausted by that time it was 4 a.m. I couldn't take it anymore I started to cry and beat on the hospital bed more through the contractions. The anesthesiologist came in again and fixed my epidural finally I could sleep. They woke me up around 8 and put me back on the pitocin. N.K was still high and I was only dilated to a 5. They upped my pitocin back to 8 around 11 and thats when I started to feel the contractions in my butt. 

I felt the urge to go to the bathroom and the nurse told me that I was probably ready to push soon. She checked me and I was finally  dilated to a 10. She let my body push him down naturally while I slept with another dosage of epi because apparently I have a high tolerance for drugs. I at about 12:40 my doctor came in and it was time to push. Finally I felt some relief from my butt contractions I felt his head come out and thats when I felt like I was being ripped alive I stopped mid push. N.K was just going to have to stay in. My doctor wasn't having it and neither was my body N.K was coming out. His shoulders did me in, second degree tear but it didn't matter at all to me because at 1:06 p.m my man was finally here. I couldn't see an end in the beginning but here he was. Jackie cut his cord. He didn't cry at first so the whole freaking staff came into my room to get him breathing. After what seemed like an eternity they placed his body onto me and he was calm. Noah Kash Carson was here, hes all mine and hes perfect.

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