Monday, February 4, 2013

My favorite time of the year

Happy February lovers!!! This has to be my favorite month of the year! Why you ask? Its my birthday month, Dilla month, and now hopefully, the month that I will have my most handsome son! I have been so full of preggo brain that I totally forgot about Dilla month. I wish I could do my weekly posts but Im so sure thats not happening. Another reason why I love February is because it brings us so much closer to spring and it has been my experience that things always get better in the spring time :)

*Tomorrow I get to meet with my delivery doctor! Im soooo nervous because I know the time is getting closer for K to get here.
*Wednesday I plan on getting all my DIY items for my sons nautical babyshower!
*Saturday is my baby shower! I cant wait to see my old friends I really hope they come. It will just be nice to share my pregnancy with people who I know are genuinely happy and rooting for me.
*February 18th is my birthday!!!
*February 22 is K's due date. As much as I want him out now I hope he sticks it out with me. Im so unprepared right now but anxious for his arrival.

And thats it for now in my world. I think my next post will be a list of all the things I still need to do before my man gets here :) I have been feeling much better since maternity leave. I hope this joy follows me postpartum. I couldnt imagine being so depressed with my little bundle of joy here.

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