Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GiGi's random Weds.

I am so ditzy and when your ditzy you become the butt of a lot of jokes. I am okay with that I totally have accepted my awkwardness and can make a joke about me not noticing something that is dead on in my face before someone else does.. Saying all that to say that sometimes I dont even notice when someone is being mean to me. Someone can be insulting me in question manner and I wont even notice it because I naturally want to see the good in all people. I wont realize it until the person leaves and then Im just like "0h lol". This can happen a lot when you work in customer service. Its sometimes ok to reach out to people when you need someone to talk to. I have always been a really strong person. There have been things that have happened to me that people in turn now come to me for advice for. But with this pregnancy all my defenses are gone. I finally reached out to cousins who made me feel 10x's better. Sometimes it just takes a little venting and understanding. 7 months in I feel like Im finally ready to enjoy this pregnancy. Work... It has been kicking my butt and can you believe I am trying to stick it out until 2 weeks before my due date? Crazy I tell you! I have a huge fear of failing and dissapointing people therefore I overdo it. So me and the bump were willing to work 47 hr 6 day weeks or crazy nights when really all I needed was a couple of breaks between days to breathe. I have finally decided to be open with management sometimes they listen, most times they dont. When they dont I take my own days off :) I have never felt better. I have severe writters block.I want to try my hardest to write atleast 3 times a month for the rest of my pregnancy so I can remember what was going on when my baby K was growing inside of me.

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