Monday, March 1, 2010

How Great

No weigh in today because I am in the process of moving.
No one plans to to get divorced when they get married. No one puts their all into a company for 5 years for it to go out of business. So I'm feeling stuck.
With so much going on I just laid on the couch most days. I let my husband take care of me because he was so eager to. Even though we are separated I let him pay the bills while I laid on the couch occasionally going out. Now I'm ready to get up. I have to learn how to be independent again so I'm moving back with my Dad until I can get it together somehow.
My life is in shambles right now but somehow Ive managed to get by. Every month that I have survived with out a job and sometimes without a dime to my name is a gift from God so this morning I'm feeling pretty blessed. I know He's placed some great people in my life specifically for this time and I'm so grateful.


  1. I love your header omg, did I tell you that already?? heehee thanks for the love on my blog honey. Stay in touch!

  2. hey hun, i just stumbled on your blog. it takes a very strong person to actually get back up again. i don't know you, but i'm soooo happy for you.

    i too recently just moved back in with my parents, which made me feel like i've moved backwards in life, but in reality, i know it's one of the best decision i've made thus far. life is very unexpected, but we must roll with the punches. And we should be extremely grateful that we have family to support us no matter what.

    keep your head up girl. you can do it!

  3. Thankyou! I know its just a blessing in disguise