Monday, February 15, 2010

Unexpected Valentine

So me and my ex are legally still married but we are seperated. I could never see myself back with him. However he was my bestfriend. Although hes made some mistakes and took a lot from me I have forgiven him. It took awhile but I cant take away the fact that when he was my bestfriend we had so many good times. Marriage just wasnt for us but in a lot of ways it helped us grow.

With crush being in Dallas for Allstar weekend I baked a lot of cupcakes for my neices and nephews. Im a emotional eater so I ate all but two. lol.

My ex asked me to be his Valentine with no strings attached. I figured I had nothing to loose.

He decorated the house and everything. And we ate, drunk moscato and ate chocolate covered strawberries. He apologized for everything and we had a calm conversation about how we could make this divorce go as smooth as possible. Seems like we both have matured and are looking forward to one day being bestfriends again.

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  1. this post touched me in so many way... for it's honesty and for not letting such pain that you must have experienced get in the way of your friendship. That is such a rare thing.

    What he did for you is beyond beautiful... i pray that you two are always so caring of one another.