Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day two A song that makes you cry

Billy Porter Time. If you read my blog then you may get a hint from my writing that I have strong abandonment issues. I love really hard and it seems like the harder I love the easier it is to lose.
Anyways I heard this song on SYTCD and it made me think of my mother. I was away on college tours when she passed. And when my 16 year old niece died it hurt me more that I didn't really spend as much time with her as I should of. Because I was always with my bestfriend, her family and my husband. And in the end I dont really have them anymore and maybe thats for the best. I realize now, all we have is time. And I want to spend it wisely.

What is time? Is it the Autumn leaves that change, or the snow that floats from the sky. What is time, is it the air we breathe, or the wings that teach a newborn bird to fly.
Who can tell, I don't know, will we change, will we grow..
What is time, is it eternity in Heaven, or just a hope for peace on Earth.
Where's the time..gone.. in the blink of an eye. But with every blink a pearl,,
We live, we learn, we love, in time, we give, we yearn, we grow..In time..
Time for change, it's time to care, it's not too late, don't despair.
Reach inside your heart to find the joy, the love to share with all mankind, for we know...
All we have is time

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